• NATA Fingerprinting

  • Fingerprint collection is often associated with police booking, but they have many other uses. Fingerprint based background checks are required for government employees, airline employees, financial institutions, people who work with children, and many more. In cases such as these, using our mobile fingerprinting service is much more convenient and comfortable than asking people to go to a police station to have their fingerprints taken.

    Worldwide Drug Testing collectors are certified through National Air Transportation Association Compliance Services (NATACS) which is a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) service partner and our work is Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) approved. We provide a premium service to our clients, offering high quality services personalized for your unique needs. We travel to your location on your schedule and act as your personal assistant from the first phone call throughout the submission process. Our goal is to make your experience easy and worry-free.

    Worldwide Drug Testing collectors will proficiently handle large groups, allowing for whole office fingerprinting to be done quickly and conveniently. Your employees can step out for 10 minutes to have their fingerprints taken and then return to work, instead of having to take several hours or more to travel off site for fingerprinting.

    We are available to participate in community and school events that encourage parents to prepare for the unforeseen. 

    We supply up to two Applicant cards at no additional cost for each individual we fingerprint or can use applicant provided cards. Our rates are based on a set base service rate with an additional per mile travel charge for travel outside of our 10 mile radius.

    Ask about our group rates and airline employee discounts!