• Workplace Drug Testing

  • W.W.E.B.S.-World Wide Drug Testing drug screening services eliminates this potential hazard to your work environment. The object of the recruitment process must be to identify and hire the best qualified for the tasks of the job. Use our drug screening services for pre-employment, with cause, random programs, post accident or Department of Transportation requirements. All forms and chain of custody documentation are provided.  Random programs for both lab-based and instant testing are also available and include a random  generator  for drug testing clients.

    Drug screening programs can be provided in two forms, lab-based collections and instant testing.  Both forms of testing are acceptable and when coupled with a proper drug testing program, are quite effective. 

    W.W.E.B.S.-World Wide Drug Testing offers the best solution for employers wishing to manage risk, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.  With our mobile testing, there is no employee travel time and minimal productivity loss. All test results are handled in a prompt and professional manner right at your location, and you get the same quality tests that we use every day for federal agencies, drug courts, businesses and child protective services agencies. We simplify drug testing and meet all of your testing needs discreetly either on site or at your location and on your schedule.

    Our user-friendly home tests can support everything from parents wanting the best for their children to individuals meeting probation or drug related court requirements.

  • Drug Testing Services (Mobile Collections Available)

    • DOT  Urine Collection               
    • Non-DOT Urine collection                 
    • Fingernail clipping            
    • Hair Follicle Collection
    • Instant testing- Urine                 
    • Breath Alcohol Testing (w/confirm)                   
    • Saliva Testing
  • We are collectors for: Quest, Labcorp, Medtox, Escreen (CRL), Alere, ATN, Paml, Options Lab, DDC, Psychemedics, NATA-NFCC Fingerprinting, First Lab, First Advantage and we are a Kroll Certified Partner. DOT Certified and fully insured. Prices may be negotiable depending on quantity.