• DNA Testing

  • Key Benefits of Paternity Testing

    DNA paternity testing determines the biological father of a child. We all inherit our DNA from our biological parents half from our mother, and half from our father. A DNA paternity test compares a child's DNA pattern with that of an "alleged father" to determine if there is a match. When performed correctly in an experienced laboratory, it's the most definitive proof of a biological relationship.

    We offer legal paternity tests administered by a professional or one that can be self administered with our home paternity test kit. Whether it is court ordered or on a personal basis.

    If you do not need a DNA test for a legal matter such as child support or custody, and want the paternity test strictly for your own knowledge, you have the option of purchasing a home paternity test. The laboratory testing is performed using the same number of genetic markers and the same rigorous lab standards as a legally admissible test. 

    A person obtains half of their identity from the mother and half from the father. While every mother signs a birth certificate after birth, the father may not be present for various reasons. Paternity testing provides legal, medical and personal benefits and remains a necessity for men, women and children.

    Health care workers benefit from knowing the paternal history of patients. Without a complete parental history, a patient cannot receive an accurate and complete medical profile. Discover a family history of major diseases, minor medical conditions and other genetically detailed information that aids doctors in diagnosing illnesses and subscribing preventative care. Increase the chances of living a long, healthy life by performing a paternity test for all children.

    In addition to using paternity testing to obtain a medical history, a patient’s life may be saved when the father’s identity is known. Find matches for organ donations, bone marrow or blood transfusions by knowing the complete family history for medical patients.

    Every man and mom should verify paternity in order to arrange legally legitimate child support and visitation. In cases, a mother may seek child support payments from a former partner without verifying the paternity of the child. Men may end up facing hefty fines or jail time due to false paternity claims. Alternatively, a mother may struggle financially without child support payments from the father. Verify paternity, and be a responsible parent.

    Paternity testing protects a father and a child’s rights in courtroom cases. Provide acceptable evidence that stands up in court. Contest a will, secure social security benefits or verify other legal documents by undergoing paternity testing. Children can claim veteran or inheritance benefits that should belong to them while parents can avoid paying benefits to interlopers who attempt to gain unlawful access to financial benefits.

    Enlist accurate paternity testing to ensure a smooth adoption process. Correctly identify the birth father and ensure that he gives up his paternal rights in order to complete a smooth adoption process. Children and families of both domestic and international adoptions benefit from decisive paternity testing.

    Secure immigration for dependents of U.S. citizens or prevent the deportation of a legal citizen by performing paternity testing. Children can be used as pawns between hostile parents. Protect an innocent child by determining paternity.

    Paternity tests allow fathers to take responsibility for their children. Every child needs a dad who will nurture, teach, love and be there for the child. Men benefit emotionally, socially and physically from exercising their role as dads. Any male can make a baby, but it takes a man to be a dad. Be a man and parent the child. You and your child will reap numerous rewards.

    Every child possesses an internal desire to connect to his or her ancestors. By undergoing paternity testing, a child receives peace of mind about his or her heritage and connects to ancestors. Adolescent and adult children benefit from paternity testing as they gain information about their family origin and connect to their cultural identity.

    Men, women and children benefit from paternity testing. Ensure complete medical histories, secure legal benefits, process adoptions and build a relationship between father and child after undergoing reliable, confidential and convenient mobile paternity testing.

    Samples for a DNA test are routinely collected using the painless and simple buccal swab—similar to a cotton-tipped swab, but made of the special material Dacron®. The swab is rubbed against the inside cheek of the test participant, and loose cheek cells adhere to the swab. Unlike regular cotton swabs, Dacron® provides a consistent surface for sample collection and DNA extraction.

    Samples are collected using a chain of custody documentation process that ensures your results will be accepted by courts and other government agencies. Part of this process requires that a neutral third-party, such as a local laboratory or hospital, collect your samples. When you come to the sample collection appointment, you will be asked to do the following to meet the chain of custody requirements:

    • Present government-issued identification for the adults
    • Present one of the following for minors: birth certificate or social security card
    • Be photographed and fingerprinted
    • Complete a Client Identification and Consent Form (minor’s consent form signed by legal guardian)