• Background Checks

  • Background Screening is more than Criminal Record Checks. The objective in carrying out comprehensive background screening is to ensure that the applicant is who he/she says they are (Identity Verification), that they have done what they say they have done (Employment Verification and/or Employment), have attained the level of education stated (Education Validation), are licensed to do what they do (Professional Credential Validation and/or Driving History) and that they are of good character (Criminal Record Checks).

  • Background Screening Programs

    Not all jobs are equal and therefore background screening programs should vary to match the job being filled. The makeup of the screening program for a given job should be the same for all applicants for that job, and the components of the program must have a relevance to the job.

    For example, the fact that an applicant has a conviction for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) should not generally preclude him/her from a clerical job, but the presence of a conviction for assault may well do so.